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Molloy College Hosts Battle Of the Bands

On Friday April 22nd, the fury was real in the Battle of the Band hosted by Molloy Performing Arts Club, Gaelic Society and the Ultimate Frisbee Club. Five bands fought it out to come out on top and receive the $25 Guitar Center gift card for each member of the winning band.

The doors opened and the fans poured into Hays Theatre. Little by little as the night progressed, fans moved to the very front of the stage to cheer on their favorites.


Skyward Effect opened up the night with covers giving the audience Blink – 182 vibes. Two Chances Too Late, Greg Frank The Tank, The Radiance and Dear Anonymous kept the crowd dancing and on their feet. 32 Pints, the winners of the night, had an authentic sound, one of their own, separating them from the other bands and making them stand out to the audience.

The night ended with each band shouting out the others and expressing how grateful they were to be a part of the event. Overall, the night was a tremendous success bringing new fans to these homegrown bands and giving their fans a night to remember.

“Catch Me If You Can” at Molloy

The Molloy College Performing Arts Club presented “Catch Me If You Can” in the Hays Theatre from Thursday April 14th to Sunday April 17th for the Molloy Community.

The lights dimmed, the spotlight grew and the show began with Jason Kloos as Frank Abagnale Jr coming out on stage wowing the audience with just the first note he sang. The dance ensemble joined him on stage to sing “Live in Living Color” to start off the night on a upbeat note.

Courtesy of: MolloyLife Media

Courtesy of: MolloyLife Media

The audience loved the show but the cast and crew might have even had a better time working on the show. Tara Burns, one of the members of the dance ensemble said “Catch Me If You Can was such a fun experience! I loved every single second of the show. MPAC worked really hard to put on this amazing show and we couldn’t have made it possible without everyone’s dedication and hard work. Being apart of this musical was the best thing that happened to me my freshman year of college.”

The night ended with the entire cast dazzling the audience with a shocking twist and a performance by Jason Kloos and Jared Grossman that had the audience on their feet applauding the two men for quite some time.

Bravo MPAC! Bravo!

Molloy College Music Department Honors Recital

On Wednesday April 6, in the Madison Theatre Molloy College’s Music Department held it’s annual Honors Recital. The night started and ended in a roaring applause in support of all the students who are in the Pi Kappa Lambda Honor Society, the national Music Honor Society who performed.

Courtesy of: MolloyLife Media

Courtesy of: MolloyLife Media

Students performed pieces by Mozart, John Duke, and many others electrifying the room with sounds of the violin, piano, guitar and the incredible voices of some of the students. The night began with Michael Munoz on the guitar and ended with Slyvia Fordes- Berman on the violin with Suk Hee Hong on the piano accompanying her. Brianne Bunick, Keira Liantonio, Jason Kloos, Dominque Goldstein and Theresa Bissex all shared their vocal talents with the audience and wowed each one of them.

As well as riveting performances, a new member of the Pi Kappa Lambda Honor Society was inducted that evening. Anne O’Rourke was the undergraduate inductee for the 2016 year and accepted her honor graciously.

Athletic Trainers often get ignored

The Unsung Heros of College Sports

Enough people around the world have tuned into college sports that the NCAA is now a multi-billion dollar industry. With so much money riding on the product, making sure they are in the best physical condition, as far as their health is considered, is a top priority. Every athletic program that is at the middle school level or higher has an Athletic Trainer at the event to handle any injuries that may occur during the game or event or match. These rarely acknowledged individuals are the most important people in any athletic program.

Any athlete knows that at some point during the season, they are going to experience some type of injury. Athletic trainers handle just about all injuries with the exception of serious injuries that require hospital care. At Molloy College we have a staff of throughly qualified people who are capable of handling a wide range of aches and pains. This video gives a quick insight into the life of one of the trainers, Eric Ressegger, at Molloy College.

Resume Reviews at Molloy College Career Center

The sun is out and the weather is getting warmer. Some would say it is spring season. The Career Center at Molloy College likes to call it resume season. Students are preparing for graduation and looking for a summer job which means they need their resume done.

A Woman looking over a resume with a pen in her hand

A Woman looking over a resume with a pen in her hand

The recent weeks have been a little hectic for the Career Center. “I need my resume done because there is an open-house for nurses at Stony Brook” said Michelle Constance, a nursing student. “I need to find a job for the summer at hospitals and there was a good opportunity opening” she continued.

Students lined up in the Career Service waiting for their turn to work with Mary Brosnan, the Career Services Director. Mary is the only one that was available to help students so students waited for hours. “I came to the Career Center an hour early but wasn’t able to see Mary until half hour after my appointment time” said Kevin Cutter, a student fixing up his resume for his upcoming internship.

Mary did not leave until the last student was officially done. She taught students how to set their resume and they were able to independently correct their own resume while Mary worked with another client. The staff at the Career Center like Mary never gives up on their students and continues to help students further succeed in their career. For more information for a resume review or job search click here.

Molloy College Career Center Director Retired

Molloy College long time worker at the Career Center has retired.

June Hinton-Doyle who many may know her from her many emails she has sent to the Molloy Campus about job opportunities. Many were shocked about her disappearance. “June was very helpful during my career search process; she didn’t even announce her leaving” said Carina Rogers, an ambassador of the Career Center. Carina helps out at the Career Center finding jobs and scheduling appointments for students.

June Hinton-Doyle, former Career Service Advisor

June Hinton-Doyle, former Career Service Advisor

Like her and other students, June’s retirement was a surprise for everybody. Due to June’s retirement, she was unavailable to be contacted. “I didn’t know until I came in after the Winter Break.” said Corinne, the secretary at the Career Center front desk.

Due to June’s retirement, the Assistant Director of the Career Center, Mary Brosnan, has been taking charge of office. “I used to be able to do 20 resume reviews a day but now I have over 50 resumes to do a day” said Mary when asked what changes were done after the shortage of workers.

The Career Center is looking for a new Career Advisor at Molloy College, click here for more information.