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Suffolk Theater Holds Auditions for Spring Awakening

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 1.12.43 AMExcelsior Theater, formally known as Suffolk Theater Arts & Recreation, will be putting on a production of Spring Awakening this June.  The theater, run by cousins Michael Creta and Brian Viccaro, was founded in August of 2012.  Brian and Michael, together with the help of their friends and family built the company from scratch, and put up several successful productions, from a broadway revenue entitled “A Night With The STAR’s”, a stage adaptation of hit movies like The Breakfast Club and Last Five Years, and a straight play entitled Dog Sees God, a dark adaptation of Charlie Brown.  In 2015, Suffolk Theater Arts & Recreation changed their name to Excelsior Theater, with reverence to the New York State motto meaning “ever-upward”

Nik Sorocenski, secretary and co-founder of Excelsior theater

Nik Sorocenski, secretary and co-founder of Excelsior theater

Spring Awakening, a dark, rock musical written by Duncan Sheik tells the story of teens in 19th century Germany who are discovering themselves and the struggles of teenage sexuality.  “I think it’s the perfect show to do in a small, blackbox theater like this.”, said Nik Sorocenski, secretary of Excelsior theater.  “This is my first time directing and I’m so excited that my first time is on such an incredible show like this.”

Auditions for Spring Awakening will be held on Tuesday, March 15th at Revelations Dance Center in Nesconset.  For more information on auditions, shows, or to purchase tickets visit http://suffolktheatreartsrec.com/