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Politics Becomes A Fashion Statement

Hilary Clinton, a representative for the democratic party, releases limited edition and unisex campaign t-shirts from well-known designers Marc Jacobs, Public School and Tory Burch.

Photo from shop.hilaryclinton.com

Photo from shop.hilaryclinton.com

This collection of high quality t-shirts is apart of the “Made in History Collection.” Many other politicians have released campaign related merchandise, such as buttons and other fan paraphernalia. However, Hilary is attempting to win this game by working with fashion designers to create a line that reaches to the younger crowd of supporters.  “The Made for History collection is a unique addition to our campaign store and will give our supporters an extraordinary new way to show their enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton and support her campaign for President,” said Clinton’s deputy communications director, Kristina Schake.

The Marc Jacobs t-shirt is designed with Hilary Clinton’s face in patriotic, holographic colors and the year “2016” printed underneath. The shirt created by Public School says, “Make Herstory,” indicating that is in the power of the American people to make history by voting for Hilary Clinton to be the first woman president. The Tory Burch t-shirt is designed with a quote and says “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights….,” in rainbow font.

The t-shirts will set you back about $45.00 and could be found on Hilary Clinton’s website. Do you like the designs?