Bikini Ready in Just 8 Weeks

This week, fitness trainers and founders of the Tone It Up (TIU) brand, Karena and Katrina, announced the start of their annual Bikini Series challenge. The Bikini Series is an 8 week fitness journey, geared toward getting your body into bikini shape for summer. This year the Bikini Series officially starts on April 25th, and is open to anyone who wants to join in on the fun. Participants simply just have to go onto the Tone It Up website and sign up for the challenge, completely free of charge. Once signed up, participants receive a Starter Pack created by Karena and Katrina that according to the TIU website include “3 slimming recipes, 5 tips to getting bikini ready and everything you need to know for the challenge.”

The Bikini Series includes a full 8 weeks worth of workouts that all focus on different parts of your body, like your arms, legs, abs, etc. Everyday, Karena and Katrina make sure to change up the workouts and the part of body the exercises focus on, providing the best results for getting into bikini ready shape. If you want to join the Bikini Series challenge, or simply want to learn more about the TIU brand, check out their website, Facebook, or Instagram.

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