Race To The Boardwalk

On  Saturday April 30th, Race2Rebuild will be sponsoring a run that will take place on the Long Beach boardwalk. The run is to help support the continuous reconstruction from this devastating Superstorm Sandy. Nearly four years ago, Superstorm Sandy hit the Tri State area, leaving communities like Long Beach devastated from it’s aftermath.

photo from: http://www.race2rebuild.org

photo from: http://www.race2rebuild.org

If you are looking for a way to mix fitness with helping a create cause, Race2Rebuild is the perfect event.  Participants have the option of either joining the 5k Boardwalk race, or the 2 mile hardcore run on the beach. Both of these options are perfect for people who are new to working out/running, or who are experienced and want to challenge themselves with a run on the beach. After the race, participants are invited to join the community for breakfast and also volunteer to help recover the town.

photo from: http://rew-online.com

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Race2Rebuild is an organization created prior to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. According to their website, Race2Rebuild’s main goal is to “create tangible change to our communities following natural disasters by supporting and participating in rebuilding projects and bringing families home.” Race2Rebuild is currently going into it’s fourth year of events to help Sandy victims and is looking to hopefully double the number of families they are able to help, and also to widen their reconstruction projects to other natural disasters that have destroyed other parts of the country, like Hurricane Katrina.

For more information about the race, or to sign up visit the Race2Rebuild website.

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